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Updated 01 Jan 2014

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Several years ago I needed an ASTU for portable use. I built one designed by Louis Varney (G5RV), which is a variation of the traditional Z Match, but using switched coil tappings. His design attracted considerable controversy with respect to potential losses. The view held by some, that the original switchless version is more efficient. The challenge here was squeezing everything into a box that was really too small. Once all the components were positioned there was very little room left. However, I managed it and ended with a very compact unit. Despite the adverse comments about its design, I have always found it has worked well.

Tuner Coil Tuner Chassis Tuner Chassis Taking Shape Tuning Gangs In Position Let's Fire It Up!
LF Coil
Taking Shape
Let's Try The
Tuning Gangs
Should I Have Used
A Bigger Box?
Nearly Finished
But Will It Work?
At Last, Ready
To Fire Up On 160m

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